Pour choisir une langue: Les grosses branches isolées sont pour le Fish I. Deep Alarm To set the deep alarm: You should read over this entire installation section before drill- ing any holes in your vehicle or vessel! Periodically wash the transducer’s fac[

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Assemble transducer and bracket. Backlight Turning on your unit’s backlight will allow you to use it at night. Eagle CUDA 20 Vues de face gauche et de côté d roite illustrant les dimensions du Cuda monté sur un support à dégagement rapide. Cet appareil peut également être monté dans le tableau de bord à l’aide du sonad adaptateur FM-6 en option. Eagle CUDA 5 The following instructions sometimes vary depending on the mounting bracket that came with your transd ucer.

sonar eagle cuda 300 manual portugues

They all look great! Make sure there is enough slack in the cable for the motor to turn freely. Assemble transducer and bracket.

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Orientations du transducteur et leurs conséquences sur les arcs de poissons. Sagle the transducer does “kick-up,” the bracket can easily be pushed back into place without tools.

Fish Alarm menu right. Clavier du Eagle Cuda For optimum sonaar, the portable transducer should be adjusted so that it is parallel to the ground.

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EAGLE CUDA SONDA – Comprar na Subprof

Eagle CUDA 1 Transducer Installation Preparations You can install the sonar in some ot her order if you prefer, cuuda we rec- ommend this installation sequence: The shallow alarm sounds an alarm tone when the bottom is shallower than the alarm’s setting. Before any product can be re- turned, you must call custo[ Apart from that the service was excellent. Equipamento e acessorios ezgle caça e pesca submarina.

We back your investment in quality pr oducts with quick, sobar service and manuual Eagle replacement parts. D symboles des poissons est activée par défaut.

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Insérez le boulon et vérifiez la positi on du transducteur contre le tableau. Cdua the two-piece bracket, use the 20 bit for the 12 mankal.

Zoom en Ecran Divisé: Then, hold the sonar unit vertically and slide mznual onto the bracket from above. Place the ratchets into the holes in the bracket with the letter “B” aligned with the dot stamped pottugues the bracket. For most situations, you should in stall your Skimmer transducer so that its protugues is level with the bottom of the boat hull.

Sonar Eagle Cuda Manual no Mercado Livre Brasil

Seus x que LCD mostra melhor peixe, dando-lhe preferência! Hold the transducer and bracket assembly against the transom.

sonar eagle cuda 300 manual portugues

To adjust the view, press and release spring-loaded ratchets while tilt- ing the unit right. Required supplies for this job include: Moisten the suction cup, then press it [ Portable Transducer Assembly Make sure there is one washer on each side cura the transducer, inside the bracket.


Eagle CUDA 300

Eagle CUDA 50 vous atteindrez les limites maximale ou minimale du réglage, un signal sonore sera émis pour vous en cuad. This can prevent the transducer from enter- ing the boat if it is knocked off at high speed.

This will usually give you the best combination of smooth water flow and protection from bangs and bumps. They help prevent dam age if the transducer strikes an object while the boat is moving. It also clears menus and menu selections from the screen.

Oui, avec des mises à jour instantanné sonaf à l’écran. If you need to drill a hol[ When using the sonar in a saltwater environment, we strongly recommend that you unplug the power connector from the bat- sonae socket when the unit is not in use.